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# (This file is encoded with MS-KANJI(Shift JIS) coding system)

Installation of YaTeX / 野鳥のインストール

First, take a look at makefile to confirm or modify EMACS= and PREFIX=
lines and exec the next command.
このディレクトリにある makefile の EMACS= と PREFIX= の行を確認し、

	% make install 
	(or "sudo make install")

Then, type `make show-init' on the shell in this directory as below
and ou will get elisp expressions.  Add the expressions to your ~/.emacs.
続いて以下のようにコマンドを起動し、得られた結果出力を ~/.emacs

	% make show-init

After copying output from make command to your ~/.emacs, you will be able to
use yatex-mode for *.tex files.

Without installing to default-dir, you can use yatex by adding the elisp
obtained by below to ~/.emacs.
インストールしなくても以下のコマンド出力を ~/.emacs に追加すれば

	% make show-init2

About yahtml / yahtmlについて

Yahtml is a different package for writing  HTML files with Emacs.  It is
very far from html-mode, html-helper-mode  or other existing HTML modes.
It is a good successor of YaTeX in HTML world.  Do not want it to behave
as modes you used.   Yahtml doesn't lessen  the number of initial typing
not so  much.  But it   lessens your effort  of polishing/debugging your
source, tracing links between file or URL,  and browsing the result with
browsers.  If you had not used YaTeX,  the concept of  `C-c g', `C-c k',
and   `C-c  c' are very   new  to you.   If  you are   interested in the
philosophy of YaTeX, please take a look at the info file of YaTeX.

yahtml.el は html-mode とか html-helper-mode とかとはじぇえ〜〜んじぇん
違います。「html-helper-mode でいうところのあの機能はないの〜」とかそう

Installation of yahtml / yahtmlのインストール

Follow the guidance in the beginning of yahtml.el.
yahtml.el の先頭部分にある [Installation] にしたがって下さい。

Then the set some variables correctly.  Here are the major of them.
Parenthesized values are default.

 * yahtml-kanji-code		HTML文書のデフォルト漢字コード
 				1=SJIS, 2=JIS, 3=EUC, 4=UTF-8
 * yahtml-image-viewer		Image viewer / 画像ヴューア
 * yahtml-www-browser		WWW browser / WWWブラウザ
 * yahtml-path-url-alist	List of unix path name vs. its URL name
				within the WWW world.  See the definition
				of it (in yahtml.el) as an example.
				ト。yahtml.el のこの変数の定義を参考にあ
 * yahtml-directory-index	Directory index file, which is a file
				to be opened when URL is ended with
				directory name.  If you're not sure of
				this, ask it to WWW administrator.
				Typically `index.html' if your site is
				running apache, or `Welcome.html' if 
				CERN httpd.
				たいてい index.html でしょう。