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* What is YaTeX?
* Main features
What YaTeX can do
* Installation
Guide to install
* Typesetting
Call typesetting processes
* %#notation
Meta-keyword `%#'
* Completion
Input LaTeX commands with completion
* Local dictionaries
Directory dependent completion
* Commenting out
Commenting/uncommenting text
* Cursor jump
Jumping to related position
* Changing and Deleting
Changing/deleting certain unit of text
* Filling
Filling an item or paragraph
* Updation of includeonly
Free from maintaining includeonly
* What column
Check what table-column the cursor belong
* Intelligent newline
Guess requisites of new line
* Usepackage checker
Selecting correct \usepackage is YaTeX's job
* Online help
On-line documentation of LaTeX
* Browsing file hierarchy
Walking through file hierarchy
* Cooperation with other packages
Work well with gmhist, min-out
* Customizations
How to breed `Wild Bird'
* Etcetera
YaTeX is acquisitive.
* Copying

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