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1 %%
2 %% Q and A on yahtml
3 %%
4 %% C-u C-x $ shows only questions. C-x $ shows all.
5 %%
6 -- New Item
7 *Can I use font-lock with yahtml?
9 [Installation]
10 ==============
11 *Must I install YaTeX even if I don't use LaTeX?
13 No. Get the files starting with "yahtml" from
14 http://www.yatex.org/
15 and that's all you will need.
17 [Customization]
18 ==============
19 *Can I use font-lock with yahtml?
21 Yes. Native font-lock support started at yahtml-1.69. All you
22 have to do for font-lock-ing, is to load font-lock beforehand.
23 If you had added such workaround as
25 (put 'yahtml-mode 'font-lock-defaults 'another-html-mode)
27 in hooks, please remove it!
29 *I usually use EUC, but need JIS coding on some files.
31 Write
32 (setq yahtml-kanji-code 3) ;3 for EUC
33 and your default kanji code for HTML files will be EUC.
34 Now to change codings foe selected files. If your server is
35 Apache, then prepare a file named ".htaccess" in the directory
36 and write
38 AddType "text/html; charset=iso-2020-jp" .html
40 Apache will now inform all your visitors that the html files
41 in this directory are in iso-2022-jp, aka JIS. yahtml will
42 also follow this and encode all files in this directory with JIS.
44 Not using Apache? Then adding the following to the end of your
45 html source will make this files coding system JIS.
47 <!-- Local Variables: -->
48 <!-- file-coding-system: *junet* -->
49 <!-- End: -->
51 Note that Emacs-20 and XEmacs do not need the "*" in the kanji
52 code symbol.
54 [What about...]
55 ==============
56 *Indentation for a large file is slow
58 Should be fixed.
60 *Inserting template.html
62 Use autoinsert.el that comes with Emacs19/Mule2. Another
63 option is to use auto-insert-tkld. The latter can be found at
64 ftp://ftp.ae.keio.ac.jp/pub/emacs-lisp/util/auto-inset-tkld.tar.Z
65 Examples in Japanese are at
66 http://namazu.org/~tsuchiya/elisp/yahtml-mode.html
68 [ETC]
69 ============
70 *How do I pronounce yahtml
72 A real FAQ. The author doesn't know either. Any ideas?
73 ... It hits on me! We define the official name of yahtml as;
75 HTML-Ya
77 "Ya" is the Japanese word whose meaning is `shop', and sometimes
78 `enthusiast' of something. With HTML-Ya, do the publishment of
79 your thought efficiently and beautifully!
81 *Mailing lists?
84 A question, so an answer. The mailing list for YaTeX (Wild Bird)
85 and it's implementation to Vz Editor; LaiTeX (Thunder Bird, by
86 KATSURAGAWA Naoki), implementation to Wz Editor; HackTeX (Swan,
87 by TAKENAKA Hiroshi), implementation to Hidemaru Editor; HiTeX
88 (Flying Bird, by YASUDA Haruyuki) is "fj Wild Bird Society".
89 Send a mail like
92 To: yatex@yatex.org
93 Subject: subscribe
94 -----
95 Hi!
96 My name is yuuji.
97 See any birds fly by?
99 and you're in. Once you're in, you'll get a reply with lists of
100 commands used in the mailing list. Join along and help adding
101 new feathers to Wild Bird. BTW, if you haven't guessed it yet,
102 yes, this mailing list is in Japanese. But give us a try
103 anyway. You're always welcome.
105 *How to get the up-to-date information on yahtml?
107 If you can access WWW, try to see;
108 http://www.yatex.org/
109 And if you trace the link of `yatex-current', you can get the
110 really latest version of yahtml. Since it collects the elisps in
111 the author's source directory, what you'll get may contain some
112 errors. The author cannot respond to your query about
113 yatex-current.
115 *Help, help HELP!!
117 Ways of getting answers in fastest order.
119 *Look for someone near you who knows what's he/she's doing.
120 *Post a question to the mailing list.
121 *Send mail to yuuji@yatex.org
123 take a pick.
125 *Picking a question in this file with C-u C-x $ and hitting C-x $ takes
126 me to a weird world.
128 You too? Try marking the question before C-x $ and to C-x C-x
129 to take you back to it. (Mule2 doesn't seem to have the same
130 problem)
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136 fill-prefix: " "
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