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@HIROSE Yuuji HIROSE Yuuji on 31 Jul 2018 13 KB Generalize block detection method slightly
;;; yatexflt.el --- YaTeX filter command utilizer -*- coding: sjis -*-
;;; (c)1993-2018 by HIROSE Yuuji.[]
;;; Last modified Sat Jun  2 18:12:41 2018 on firestorm
;;; $Id$

;;; Commentary:
;;;	This lisp enables passing inline text to some external filter
;;;	command to generate files such as graphic files.
;;;	Typical situation is using blockdiag/dot(graphviz) command to
;;;	generate png/pdf file.
;;; Example:
;;;	[[LaTeX Source]]
;;;	%#BEGIN FILTER{foo.pdf}{dot -T %t -o o}
;;;	\if0
;;;	===
;;;	digraph {
;;;	  A -> B;
;;;	  B -> C;
;;;	}
;;;	===
;;;	\fi
;;;	%#END
;;;	\includegraphics{foo.pdf}
;;;	In this  case above, when  you type  `[prefix] t e'  between two
;;;	`===' lines, the  content in a region are fed  to dot command as
;;;	follows:
;;;	    echo TEXT | dot -T pdf -o foo.pdf 
;;;	Then foo.pdf file will be generated and the image (as PNG) will
;;;	be displayed in the next window.

;;; Code:
(require 'yatexlib)
(defvar YaTeX-filter-special-env-alist-default
     "blockdiag -T %t -o %o -"
     "blockdiag {
  default_fontsize = 32;
  A -> B;
    (".seqdiag" "seqdiag -T %t -o %o -"
     "seqdiag {
  client -> server [label = \"SYN\"];
  client <- server [label = \"SYN/ACK\"];
  client -> server [label = \"ACK\"];}")
    (".actdiag" "actdiag -T %t -o %o -"
     "actdiag {
  sayHo -> ho -> hohoho
  lane dj {
    label = \"DJ\"
    sayHo [label = \"Say Ho\"]; hohoho [label = \"Ho Ho Ho!\"]; }
  lane mc { label = \"MC\"; ho [label = \"Hooooh!\"]}}")
    (".nwdiag" "nwdiag -T %t -o %o -"
     "nwdiag {
  network ext {
    address = \"\"
    router [address = \"\"]
  network int {
    address = \"\"
    router [address = \"\"]
    websrv [address = \"\"]
    cli-1; cli-2
    (".rackdiag" "rackdiag -T %t -o %o -"
     "rackdiag {
  1: UPS [4U]; 5: Storage [3U]; 8: PC [2U]; 8: PC [2U];
     "dot -T %t -o %o"
     "digraph {
  graph [charset=\"utf-8\"]
  A -> B

(defun YaTeX-filter-goto-source (file other-win)
  "Go to corresponding text source of the graphic file"
   ((file-exists-p file)
    (let ((buf (find-file-noselect file)))
      (funcall (cond (other-win 'YaTeX-switch-to-buffer-other-window)
		     ((get-buffer-window buf) 'goto-buffer-window)
		     (t 'YaTeX-switch-to-buffer))

(defvar YaTeX-filter-special-env-alist-private nil)
(defvar YaTeX-filter-special-env-alist
  (append YaTeX-filter-special-env-alist-private

(defun YaTeX-filter-filter-set-conversion-flag ()
  (let ((ovl (get 'YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel 'overlay)))
    (if ovl				;; When successful conversion met,
	(progn				;; (1)Set conversion complete flag
	  (add-hook			;; (2)Add hook of seim-automatic
	   'write-file-hooks		;;    update of convert to write-
	   'YaTeX-filter-update-all)	;;    file hook.
	  (overlay-put ovl 'converted t)))))

(defun YaTeX-filter-filter-unset-conversion-flag
    (ovl after beg end &optional length) 
  (if after (overlay-put ovl 'converted nil)))

(defun YaTeX-filter-pngify-sentinel (proc msg)
    (let ((b (process-buffer proc)) (selw (selected-window))
      (set-buffer b)
       ((eq (process-status proc) 'run)
	(put-text-property (point-min) (point-max) 'invisible t))
       ((eq (process-status proc) 'exit)
	(set-buffer b)
	  (get 'YaTeX-filter-pngify-sentinel 'start) (point-max))
	(set-buffer b)
	(remove-text-properties (point-min) (point-max) '(invisible t))
	(insert "\nProcess aborted %s\n" msg))))))

(defvar YaTeX-filter-pdf2png-stdout
   ((YaTeX-executable-find "convert")	"convert -trim %s PNG:-")
    "gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=png256 -sOutputFile=- -dBATCH -q -r75 %s"))
  "Command line syntax to convert PDF file to PNG stream")

(defun YaTeX-filter-modified-BEGEND-regions ()
  "Return the list of overlays which contains un-converted text."
      (let (r prop dest src pl (list (overlays-in (point-min) (point-max))))
	(while list
	  (setq prop (overlay-properties (car list)))
	  (if (setq dest (plist-get prop 'filter-output))
	      (if (if (setq src (plist-get prop 'filter-source))
		      (file-newer-than-file-p src dest)
		    (and (setq pl (plist-member prop 'converted))
			 (not (plist-get pl 'converted))))
		  (setq r (cons (car list) r))))
	  (setq list (cdr list)))
	(nconc r)

(defun YaTeX-filter-update-all ()
  "Update all destination files from built-in source text."
  (let ((timeout 4)
	ans ovl (update-list (YaTeX-filter-modified-BEGEND-regions)))
    (if update-list
	    (catch 'abort
	      (while update-list
		(goto-char (overlay-start (setq ovl (car update-list))))
		(or (pos-visible-in-window-p)
		    (set-window-start nil (point)))
		      (overlay-put ovl 'face 'YaTeX-on-the-fly-activated-face)
		      (message "Non-update source found: Update here: %s "
			       "Y)es N)o S)top-watching-Here A)bort")
		      (setq ans (read-char))
		       ((memq ans '(?Y ?y))
			(while (and (> (setq timeout (1- timeout)))
				    (eq (process-status "Filter") 'run))
			  (message "Waiting for conversion process to finish")
			  (sit-for 1)))
		       ((memq ans '(?A ?a)) (throw 'abort t))
		       ((memq ans '(?S ?s)) (delete-overlay ovl))
		       (t nil)))
		  (overlay-put ovl 'face nil))
		(setq update-list (cdr update-list)))))))
    ;; Write file hook should return nil

(defun YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel (proc msg)
  (put 'YaTeX-filter-pngify-sentinel 'start nil)
  (let ((b (process-buffer proc))
	(imagefile (get 'YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel 'outfile))
	(selw (selected-window)))
       ((eq (process-status proc) 'run))
       ((eq (process-status proc) 'exit)
	(set-buffer b)
	(remove-images (point-min) (point-max))
	(if (and (file-regular-p imagefile)
		 (file-readable-p imagefile))
	      (setq buffer-read-only nil)
	       ((string-match "\\.\\(jpg\\|png\\)" imagefile)
		(YaTeX-popup-image imagefile b)
	       (t 			;Convert again to PNG file
		(goto-char (point-max))
		(insert "\nConvert Again to PNG file...\n")
		(put 'YaTeX-filter-pngify-sentinel 'start (point))
		  "Filter" b		;Safe to reuse
		  shell-file-name YaTeX-shell-command-option
		  (format YaTeX-filter-pdf2png-stdout imagefile))
		(set-buffer-multibyte nil)
	      (select-window selw)))
       (t					;Other status might be an error
	(set-buffer b)
	(goto-char (point-max))
	(insert (format "%s\n" (process-status proc))))))))

(defvar YaTeX-filter-block-marker "==="
  "Begining and Ending marker for contents for external filter program")
(defvar YaTeX-filter-src "#SRC"
  "Keyword for input filename for external filter program")

(defun YaTeX-filter-parse-filter-region (begend-info)
  "Return the list of SpecialFilter region.  If not on, return nil.
BEGEND-INFO is a value from the function YaTeX-in-BEGEND-p.
Return the alist of:
'((outfile $OutPutFileName)
  (source  $InputFileName)  ; or nil for embeded data source
  (cmdline $CommandLine)
  (begin $TextRegionBeginning)
  (end TextRegionEnd))"
  (if begend-info
      (let ((b (car begend-info)) (e (nth 1 begend-info))
	    delim (args (nth 2 begend-info))
	    (p (point)) openb closeb outfile source cmdline point-beg point-end
	    (src-ptn (format "^\\s *%s%s"
			     (regexp-quote comment-start)
			     (regexp-quote YaTeX-filter-src))))
	   (string-match "FILTER" args) ;easy test
	   (goto-char (car begend-info))
	    "FILTER\\s *{\\([^}]+\\)}" e t)
	   (setq outfile (YaTeX-match-string 1))
	   (goto-char (match-end 0))
	   (prog2			;Step into the second brace
	       (skip-chars-forward "\t ")
	       (looking-at "{")	;Check if 2nd brace surely exists
	     (skip-chars-forward "{")
	     (skip-chars-forward "\t"))
	   (setq openb (point))
	   (condition-case nil
	       (progn (up-list 1) t)
	     (error nil))
	   (setq closeb (1- (point))
		 cmdline (YaTeX-buffer-substring openb closeb))
	    ((re-search-forward "^\\\\if0\\>" p t)  ;; Embedded source
	     (forward-line 1)
	     (setq point-beg (if (looking-at YaTeX-filter-block-marker)
				 (progn (setq delim (YaTeX-match-string 0))
					(forward-line 1)
	     (re-search-forward "^\\\\fi\\>" e t)
	     (goto-char (match-beginning 0))
	     (setq point-end (if delim
				    (concat "^" (regexp-quote delim))
				    (1+ point-beg) t)
				   (match-beginning 0))
	      (format "%s{\\(.*\\)}" src-ptn) e t) ; external file
	     (setq source (YaTeX-match-string 1)
		   point-beg (match-beginning 0)
		   point-end (match-end 0)))
	    (t					;; If source notation not found,
	     (let ((ovl (overlays-in b e)))	;; clear all remaining overlays
	       (while ovl
		 (delete-overlay (car ovl))
		 (setq ovl (cdr ovl))))))	;; Return nil

	   ;; Then return all values
	   (list (cons 'outfile outfile)
		 (cons 'source source)
		 (cons 'cmdline cmdline)
		 (cons 'begin point-beg)
		 (cons 'end point-end)))))))

;;debug;; (YaTeX-filter-parse-filter-region (YaTeX-in-BEGEND-p))
(defun YaTeX-filter-pass-to-filter (begend-info)
  "Pass current BEGIN FILTER environment to external command."
  (put 'YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel 'outfile nil)
  ;; begend-info is from YaTeX-in-BEGEND-p: (BEG END ARGS)
  (let ((b (car begend-info)) (e (nth 1 begend-info))
	(r (YaTeX-filter-parse-filter-region begend-info))
      (if r (let*((case-fold-search t)
		  (outfile (cdr (assq 'outfile r)))
		  (source (cdr (assq 'source r)))
		  (type (cond
			 ((string-match "\\.png$" outfile) "png")
			 ((string-match "\\.svg$" outfile) "svg")
			 ((string-match "\\.tex$" outfile) "tex")
			 (t				 "pdf")))
		  (newcmdline (YaTeX-replace-formats
			       (cdr (assq 'cmdline r))
			       (list (cons "t" type)
				     (cons "o" outfile)
				     (cons "i" source))))
		  (text-start (cdr (assq 'begin r)))
		  (text-end (cdr (assq 'end r)))
		  (text (and (numberp text-start)
			     (numberp text-end)
			     (YaTeX-buffer-substring text-start text-end)))
		  ;; Now it's time to start filter process
		  (procbuf (YaTeX-system newcmdline "Filter" 'force))
		  (proc (get-buffer-process procbuf))
		  ;;(procbuf (get-buffer-create " *Filter*"))
		  (ovl (progn
			 (remove-overlays text-start text-end)
			 (make-overlay text-start text-end)))
		  (ovlmodhook  ;hook function to reset conv-success flag
	      (if proc
		    (overlay-put ovl 'filter-output outfile)
		    (overlay-put ovl 'filter-source source)
		    (overlay-put ovl 'converted nil)
		    (overlay-put ovl 'modification-hooks (list ovlmodhook))
		    (set-process-coding-system proc 'undecided 'utf-8)
		    (set-process-sentinel proc 'YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel)
		    (YaTeX-showup-buffer procbuf)
		    (set-buffer procbuf)
		    (setq buffer-read-only nil)
		    (insert (format "Starting process `%s'...\n" newcmdline))
		    (set-marker (process-mark proc) (point-max))
		    (setq insmark (point-max))
		       (if source
			     (insert-file-contents-literally source)
			     (YaTeX-buffer-substring insmark (point-max)))
		      (process-send-string proc "\n")
		      (process-send-eof proc)	;Notify stream chunk end
		      (process-send-eof proc)))	;Notify real EOF
		    (put 'YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel 'outfile outfile)
		    (put 'YaTeX-filter-filter-sentinel 'overlay ovl))))))))

(defun YaTeX-insert-filter-special (filter list &optional region-p)
  (let*((f (YaTeX-read-string-or-skip
	    "Output file(Maybe *.(pdf|png|jpg|tex)): "))
	(cmdargs (car list))
	(template-text (car (cdr list)))
	(ifile (read-file-name "Data source(Default: in this buffer): " nil))
	(in-line (string= "" ifile)))
    (if region-p
	(if (< (point) (mark)) (exchange-point-and-mark)))
      (insert (if in-line "===\n\\fi\n" "")
	       ((string-match "\\.tex$" f)
		(format "\\input{%s}\n" (substring f 0 (match-beginning 0))))
	       ((string-match "\\.\\(pdf\\|png\\|jpe?g\\|tiff?\\)$" f)
		(format "%%# \\includegraphics{%s}\n" f)))))
    (and region-p (exchange-point-and-mark))
    (insert (format "%%#BEGIN FILTER{%s}{%s}\n%s%s"
		    f (or cmdargs "")
		    (format "%%#%% If you call program in yatex, type `%se'\n"
			     (car (where-is-internal 'YaTeX-typeset-menu))))
		    (if in-line "\\if0\n===\n" "")))
       (if in-line
	   (cond (template-text
		  (concat template-text
			  (or (string-match "\n$" template-text) "\n")))
		 (t "\n"))
	 (format "%%#SRC{%s}\n" ifile))))))

(provide 'yatexflt)
; Local variables:
; fill-prefix: ";;;	"
; paragraph-start: "^$\\|\\|;;;$"
; paragraph-separate: "^$\\|\\|;;;$"
; End: